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It is publication day for Dark Matter Presents: Zero Dark Thirty, and we are excited to cheer on Roni Stinger for the inclusion of her story “The Ground Shook” in this highly competitive “best of” compilation. We enjoyed this story in its early workshop stages at The Storied Imaginarium, and we loved it even more when it appeared in its final form in Dark Matter Magazine (May 2022).

Rob Carroll included a little tidbit about Roni’s piece in the May issue’s letter from the editor: “‘The Ground Shook’ declares two truths: 1) the world is often cruel and uncaring; and 2) choosing to carry on amid such circumstances is heroic.”

Trust us. This is a story you want to check out. Order your copy HERE.

Every story published in Dark Matter Magazine is a best-of story to us, and that’s why we had to do something different when choosing stories for the magazine’s first ever trade paperback anthology. Enter ZERO DARK THIRTY, a curated collection of the 30 DARKEST stories to haunt our magazine’s pages during the first two years of publication (2021-2022). These are the most depressing and deranged tales the magazine has to offer. Enter if you must, but beware.

Dark Matter Editor-in-Chief, Rob Carroll.

Roni Stinger lives in Vancouver, Washington. When she’s not writing strange dark stories, she’s wandering the forests, beaches, and streets in search of shiny objects and creative sparks. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Dark Matter MagazineMetaStellarHypnos Magazine, All Worlds Wayfarer: Through Other Eyes, and The Molotov Cocktail

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Facebook: Roni Stinger

Twitter: @roni_stinger

Instagram: @roni_stinger

What Roni has to say about the workshops at The Storied Imaginarium:

Carina Bissett is a knowledgeable, kind, and honest instructor who provides invaluable feedback, as well as collaborative brainstorming to help participants through places they may be stuck. I highly recommend The Storied Imaginarium workshops to anyone looking to get quality writing done in a supportive and creative community with a fantastic instructor. The Storied Imaginarium workshops have helped me generate many stories, poems, and story ideas. While being primarily generative, I have learned more from Carina and my fellow workshop writers, through discussions and critiques, than I have in more instructionally focused workshops. The modules cover an expansive and in-depth selection of retellings, research, and related articles. I’ve come back to them again and again when looking for creative sparks. — Roni Stinger, author of “The Ground Shook,” Dark Matter Magazine and “Worm Bagging,” Unnerving Magazine.

Registration is currently open for the Season of the Bear (March-May). For more information, click HERE.

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