Stories Published by Our Workshop Participants

The Storied Imaginarium‘s workshop participants have published their stories in numerous magazines and anthologies. Will you be next?

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

“Filth and Gold” by Jeana Jorgensen, Mirror Dance, Forthcoming.

“Pluto and Tavis D Work the Door” by Brooke Brannon, F&SF, Forthcoming.

“Invasive Species” by Karen Menzel (née Bovenmyer), Horrors of the Deep, Rogue Owl Press, Forthcoming.

“Heron Went A’ Courting” by Margot Spronk, Zooscape, Forthcoming.

“Legends of the Deep” by Roni Stinger, Last Girls Club, June 2023.

“Fairy Tale Fathers by Alison Colwell, The Humber Literary Review, June 2023.

Hibernation Heirloom” by Chelsea Mueller, The Sunday Morning Transport, June 2023.

“Kill Switch” by Wailana Kalama, Monstrous Futures, Dark Matter INK, April 2023.

“The Sea-Hare” by Wailana Kalama, Apparition Literary Magazine, Issue 22: SYMMETRY, April 2023.

A Harrowing Beyond the Furrows” by KT Wagner, Two-Thousand Word Terrors, Red Rooster Press, March 2023.

“The Ground Shook” by Roni Stinger, Dark Matter Presents: Zero Dark Thirty, February 2023.

Past Participant Publications

Eight Reasons for Silence” by Alison Colwell, Tangled Locks Journal, October 2022.

“Fracture” by Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Mother: Tales of Love and Terror, Weird Little Worlds, October 2022. 

Fall Preserves” by Roni Stinger, Rewired: Divergent Perspectives in Horror, Ghost Orchid Press, September 2022.

“Beneath Her Skin” by KT Wagner, Cosmic Horror Monthly, August 2022. 

“The Copper Lady” by Jaye Wells, Chromophobia, edited by Sara Tantlinger. Strangehouse Books, July 2022. 

The Book Club at the End of the World” by Elizabeth Zuckerman, Haven Speculative, Issue 5, July 2022.

“The Ground Shook” by Roni Stinger, Dark Matter Magazine, May 2022.

Regrets” by Alison Colwell, The Drabble, April 2021.

“Worm Bagging” by Roni Stinger, Unnerving Magazine, Issue #17, April 2022.

“Yellow is the Colour of the End of the World” by KT Wagner, Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 33, March 2022. 

Match Girl” by Helen Patrice, Eye to the Telescope Issue 43, Light, January 2022.

A Void and a Chasm and a Ruin” by Nike Sulway, Marvels & Tales, Vol. 36, Issue 1, Wayne State University Press, 2022.

Winter’s Flower” by KT Wagner, The Overcast, December 2021.

“Winter’s Flower” by KT Wagner, PULP Literature, Winter 2021.

Urashima Taro” by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen, AntipodeanSF, October 2021.

Mermaids of Alabama: An Environmental Assessment by Ellie Campbell, Mermaids Monthly Issue 9, September 2021. 

Wax Agatha” by KT Wagner, Starward Shadows Quarterly, September 2021.

Lost Portals” by Mark S. Bailen, Fantasy Magazine, September 2021.

Three Truths and Three Lies About Jack” by Andrea Eberly, Daily Science Fiction, July 2021.

The Frog Prince’s Reluctant Bride” by Alison Louise Colwell, Daily Science Fiction, July 2021.

Hindsight” by Alison Colwell, The Drabble, May 2021.

The Giant with No Heart in Her Body” by Nike Sulway, Strange Horizons, April 2021.

“Degradable Mermaid” by Karen Bovenmyer, Space and Time, Spring #140, March 2021.

“Mountaintops; or, seven items to save a life” by Ellie Campbell, Wizards in Space Literary Magazine Issue 6, January 2021.

After Me, The Flood” by Elizabeth Zuckerman, Beneath Ceaseless Skies #318, December 2020. 

Wolf’s Bane” by Roni Stinger, Through Other Eyes, December 2020. 

“Unfettered” by Leslie Wibberley, Not All Monsters, edited by Sara Tantlinger, October 2020.

“Witch’s Garden” by Roni Stinger, Hypnos Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 2, Fall 2020.

Across the Dark Void” by KT Wagner, No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book, edited by Cherry Potts, August 2020.

The Swan Maiden’s Children” by Bethany Duvall, Ghost Parachute: A Literary Magazine, June 2020.

The Cords of Life” by Faith Dincolo, Not Just a Pretty Face: Women of Horror Volume 1, edited by Selene MacLeod, May 2020.

“The Making of Asylum Ophelia” by Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors, February 2020.

Beneath Her Skin” by KT Wagner, The Twisted Book of Shadows, edited by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore, October 2019.

Fundamental Change in Approach or Underlying Assumptions” by KB Nelson, Bleached Butterfly, September 2019.

Within This Body of Stone I Scream” by Cassandra Schoeber, The Arcanist, August 2019.

“The Frog’s Prince; or, Iron Henry” by Nike SulwayInterzone, Issue 282. July 2019.

“Urban Moon” by Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Other Voices, Other Tombs, edited by Brhel & Sullivan, July 2019. 

A Shake in Her Boneless Soul” by Cassandra Schoeber, Bone & Ink Lit Zine, July 2019.

Arabella and the Spiders” by KT WagnerFactor Four Magazine: Issue 4, January 2019.

River Running” by Helen Patrice, Lady/Liberty/Lit, November 2018.

We Do Not Know What Happened to the Children” by Claire Eliza Bartlett, Daily Science Fiction, August 2018.

The Velvet Castles of the Night” by Claire Eliza Bartlett, Daily Science Fiction, May 2018.

Behind Her, Trailing like Butterfly Wings” by Daniela TomovaApex Magazine, December 2017.

“My Dear, Like the Sky and Stars and Sun” by Julia K. Patt, Clarkesworld, June 2017.

Nozizwe and Almahdi” by J.R. Dawson, Escape Pod, June 2017.

Whatever Tower, However High” by Julia K. Patt, Escape Pod, April 2017.