What Writers Say About Our Workshops

“The best writing career money I ever spent was on the Storied Imaginarium Monstrous Women writing course presented by Carina Bissett. We studied together, wrote stories based on that week’s module, and then critiqued each other’s work. I immediately sold two pieces that I had written in the workshop, and made dear friends that I still associate with. I’m planning to sign up for another one of Carina’s classes next time they open. It was astronomically helpful and inspiring.” — Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Little Dead Red. (Storyville: What’s the Best Money You’ve Spent on Your Writing Career?, column by Richard Thomas)

“I’ve taken four fairy tale classes with Carina Bisset’s Storied Imaginarium. To say I’m hooked would be an understatement. I’m a low income, single parent. Writing is the thing that feeds my soul. I prioritize Carina’s classes because they help me become the best writer I can be. In each class Carina provides her students with an extensive array of material, from traditional, oral based versions of the particular fairy story we are interacting with, to the most current speculative fiction retellings. Then each fairy tale is juxtaposed with thought provoking topics – everything from climate justice to cultural taboos or human trafficking. Each package is designed to educate, stimulate thought and inspire inspiration. The small class sizes mean you get to work intimately with a group of like-minded writers who are universally supportive, while also challenging you to create your best work (and helping you forgive yourself if you fall short!) And finally, signing up for a class means you get Carina’s insight and honed editing skills applied to your own stories – which always leads to dramatic improvement in my writing. So far I’ve had five stories published that were generated from her workshops.” — Alison Colwell, author of “Eight Reasons for Silence,” Tangled Locks Journal and “The Frog Prince’s Reluctant Bride,” Daily Science Fiction.

Carina Bissett is a knowledgeable, kind, and honest instructor who provides invaluable feedback, as well as collaborative brainstorming to help participants through places they may be stuck. I highly recommend The Storied Imaginarium workshops to anyone looking to get quality writing done in a supportive and creative community with a fantastic instructor. The Storied Imaginarium workshops have helped me generate many stories, poems, and story ideas, including my first pro-rate sale and four additional sales. While being primarily generative, I have learned more from Carina and my fellow workshop writers, through discussions and critiques, than I have in more instructionally focused workshops. The modules cover an expansive and in-depth selection of retellings, research, and related articles. I’ve come back to them again and again when looking for creative sparks. — Roni Stinger, author of “The Ground Shook,” Dark Matter Magazine and “Worm Bagging,” Unnerving Magazine.

“Every module is detailed, packed full of links and prompts, making connections between tales old and new, and helps me generate story ideas even when I feel completely uninspired. Participating in the workshops opens my eyes to new perspectives and shifts my thinking it often radical ways. With the ideas I have generated in two workshop series I feel confident that I will be able to write and publish stories for many months or even years to come.” — Kali Napier

“I love working with Carina and the Storied Imaginarium. The courses are carefully crafted, a blend of creativity and academia that makes a perfect storm for writing thoughtful, smart speculative fiction. The class format supports constructive criticism that helps me analyze my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, while pushing me to expand my horizons and write outside my comfort zone. More than that, Carina has in-depth knowledge of the various markets for speculative short fiction which she uses to help us revise our work. I am positive that without the Storied Imaginarium, I would not have the publication credits I have today. I look forward to our next class together!” — Claire Eliza Bartlett, author of “The Velvet Castles of the Night,” Daily Science Fiction.

“Carina is a great teacher—insightful, resourceful and empathetic. It was Carina who encouraged me to get my stories out, even when they’d rather skulk in the corners of my brain, then revise and send my work out to publishers. She helped me think critically about my characters, plot, setting, and everything [else] that makes a story. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future.” —Daniela Tomova, author of “Behind Her, Trailing like Butterfly Wings,” Apex Magazine.

“Carina Bissett is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic workshop leaders I’ve ever seen. Her generous reading, sharp eye for detail, and prolific knowledge of both fairy tales and publishing make her an ideal teacher for novice and practiced writers alike. I heartily recommend any writing program with her at the helm.” — Julia K. Patt, author of “Whatever Tower, However High,” Escape Pod and My Dear, Like the Sky and Stars and Sun,” Clarkesworld.

“Carina’s classes are intensive and illuminating. I’m impressed with her extensive knowledge of myth and fairy tales, as well as her insightful and kind critique. Plus, there’s lots of writing involved.  Highly recommend!” — KT Wagner, author of “3-D Monarch” in Happily Ever After, “Slipped Stitch” in Dead of Winter, and “Grandma Heloise” at Daily Science Fiction.

“There are three great things about having Carina as a teacher. First, she’s knowledgeable. She knows what markets will take what story, how to go about selling that story, and what needs to be done to get to that point. Second, she knows how to get to that point. She can look at a story and immediately know what feedback to give. I always feel like I have a direction to go after workshopping with her. Third, she has a creative imagination that leads to some amazing prompts and insight. I always felt like I was looking into a deep cave that kept going every time she explained something to us. She opened our brains to new ways of thinking, and that’s really important when it’s a class about fairy tales. If you want to take your writing to the next level, Carina is a teacher you need to work with.” — J.R. Dawson, author of “Nozizwe and Almahdi,” Escape Pod.

“I have now had the pleasure of taking two courses taught by Carina Bissett. The content of her courses was well thought out and very detailed. Carina’s comments were both insightful and constructive, and very detailed. I recommend any course taught by her without reservation.” — Leslie Wibberly, author of “A North Wind,” First place in the 2016 Writer’s Digest Annual Competition, genre category.

“[The workshops] have been amazingly generative experiences, which have inspired me to write much more than I’d anticipated. I now have a little folder of about six stories from just 12 weeks of workshopping, all of which I can either consider submitting or rework for some other purpose. I feel that you offer an amazing service, and that a HUGE part of the success of your venture is you: your passion and insight, your warmth and commitment to everyone in your courses. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm, and your deep insight.” — N. A. Sulway, author of “The Frog’s Prince; or, Iron Henry,” Interzone.