Snow White sampler

Our Snow White sampler is a self-guided course exploring the traditional tale of Snow White. This FREE course is provided in an asynchronous online format. This comprehensive course introduces you to the strange and marvellous variety of tales about Snow White, both traditional and contemporary, and provides you with discussion questions to ponder, and writing prompts. A comprehensive self-guided taste test for those of you wondering if you’re ready to join The Storied Imaginarium.

What you get: 

  • An introductory lesson exploring the history of the tale of Snow White;
  • a range of traditional versions of the tale;
  • a selection of related tales, including contemporary works and old stories you might never have read before;
  • discussion questions to deepen and extend your engagement with this strange and amazing tale;
  • a series of generative writing prompts to support you in creating your own fairy tales;
  • Further reading suggestions.

Sneak peak bonus: Listen to our Snow White playlist on Spotify …

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