Carina Bissett is a writer, poet, and educator working primarily in the fields of dark fiction and fabulism. Her short fiction and poetry have been published in multiple journals and anthologies including Arterial Bloom, Gorgon: Stories of Emergence, Hath No Fury, NonBinary Review, and the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V and VI. In addition to writing, she also teaches online workshops at The Storied Imaginarium.

Alison Colwell Receives Canada Council Grant

One of the best parts of working with writers is celebrating their successes. Over the last few years, Alison Colwell has published several stories that started in workshops at The Storied Imaginarium including Eight Reasons for Silence” (Tangled Locks Journal, October 2022), “The Frog Prince’s Reluctant Bride” (Daily Science Fiction,…

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Publication News: Dark Matter Presents

Roni Stinger lives in Vancouver, Washington. When she’s not writing strange dark stories, she’s wandering the forests, beaches, and streets in search of shiny objects and creative sparks. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Dark Matter Magazine, MetaStellar, Hypnos Magazine, All Worlds Wayfarer: Through Other Eyes, and The Molotov Cocktail.  Author Website:…

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Nomination News: “Fracture” by Mercedes M. Yardley

The Storied Imaginarium wants to congratulate Mercedes M. Yardley for her recent presence on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards® for 2022! Her story “Fracture” is featured in the category of Best Short Fiction. Mercedes wrote this workshop story in response to the module “The Princess on the…

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