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The Storied Imaginarium offers creative writing courses for the wicked, the damned, the curious, the wild, and the strange. We utilize our passion for fairy tales, folklore, and myth as an anchor for a generative writing experience suitable for all skill levels. This enriching and supportive community has been curated to help you grow and evolve as a writer, so you can have a safe space to tell your stories.

The Storied Imaginarium has been running online generative writing workshops since 2016 and now has participants from destinations worldwide. Writers have published stories from workshops in a wide array of anthologies and magazines including Apex Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Fantasy Magazine, Mermaids Monthly, and PULP Literature. Check out stories published by our workshop participants and our testimonials page. Our flexible program and synchronous remote format makes it possible for writers to connect from different countries working across multiple time zones, which creates an engaging and exciting community!

Upcoming Courses


mid-February through mid-May, 2024

Are you looking for a nurturing community and a generative experience to fill your creative well? THE SEASON OF THE WOLF is a synchronous remote course crafted to guide writers through five modules of material curated to evoke thoughtful discourse and a creative spark. Are you ready to write?


Self-Paced Courses

Our self-paced instruction allows you to engage with the material at your convenience in an asynchronous format.


In this FREE self-guided online course, you will have the opportunity to explore the strange and marvelous variety of tales about Snow White, both traditional and contemporary. Course materials for the “Snow White Sampler” include discussion questions, writing prompts, and supplemental readings curated to provide an in-depth introduction to this familiar fairy tale.



Offered as a selection at HWA’s Horror University, this online course focuses on retellings and emphasizes the ways writers can incorporate symbolism and archetypes found in fairy tales and myths in order to strengthen these inherent associations within the confines of story.



“The best writing career money I ever spent was on The Storied Imaginarium writing course presented by Carina Bissett. We studied together, wrote stories based on that week’s module, and then critiqued each other’s work. I immediately sold two pieces that I had written in the workshop, and made dear friends that I still associate with. I’m planning to sign up for another one of Carina’s classes next time they open. It was astronomically helpful and inspiring.” — Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Little Dead Red. (Storyville: What’s the Best Money You’ve Spent on Your Writing Career?, column by Richard Thomas).

“Carina is a great teacher—insightful, resourceful and empathetic. It was Carina who encouraged me to get my stories out, even when they’d rather skulk in the corners of my brain, then revise and send my work out to publishers. She helped me think critically about my characters, plot, setting, and everything [else] that makes a story. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future.” —Daniela Tomova, author of “Behind Her, Trailing like Butterfly Wings,” Apex Magazine.

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