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Publication News: “Eight Reasons for Silence” by Alison Colwell

Eight Reasons for Silence” is out now at Tangled Locks Journal. It’s a story that grew out of a Storied Imaginarium Workshop.

“Eight Reasons for Silence” is a retelling of The Six Swans Fairy Tale – told as a flash list story. But it’s also an examination of why women keep silence in the face of abuse. It’s a topic that’s very important to me, and I was looking for a new way to give a voice to the conversation about silence.

I married my first husband when I was eighteen. He was twenty years older than me and the marriage was abusive and ultimately violent. I’d been married for two years and ten months before I first told anyone what was happening. In the end, it took me three years to learn how to leave.

This story is for the girl that I was, and for other girls like her. If I’d found my voice earlier, I could have saved myself a lot of pain. But in the end I found it and I got out.

I hope that whenever I write about domestic violence, either in memoir or in fairy tale, it inspires other women to find their own voices.

NO is a powerful word that we don’t use enough.

Author Bio:

Alison Colwell spends her time creating imaginary worlds, crafting memoir from fairy tales and learning how to blur the lines between creative non-fiction and fiction. Her creative non-fiction work can be found in the climate-fiction anthology Rising Tides, and her flash fiction has been published in Daily Science Fiction and The Drabble.

When not writing she can be found teaching kindergarten kids how to bake bread, or grown-ups how to cook stinging nettles, or caring for her two kids and a menagerie of animals, including a feral peacock.

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