2021 Round-Up: Workshop Stories Published

One of the most rewarding parts of running generative writing workshops is the sharing the successes of participants. Some stories find their final form in workshop, others leave as story seeds that continue to grow over the years. In any case, we are always excited when these stories and poems make it out into the world for other readers to enjoy. Congratulations to all of our writers on their publications!

This year, stories with origins in workshops at The Storied Imaginarium were published in AntipodeanSF, Daily Science Fiction, The Drabble, Fantasy Magazine, Mermaids Monthly, The Overcast, PULP Literature, Starward Shadows Quarterly, and Wizards in Space Literary Magazine. You can read more stories published by our workshop participants HERE. Enjoy!

“Mountaintops; or, seven items to save a life” by Ellie Campbell (Wizards in Space Literary Magazine Issue 6, January 2021).

“Winter’s Flower” by KT Wagner (PULP Literature, Winter 2021).

Hindsight” by Alison Colwell (The Drabble, May 2021).

The Frog Prince’s Reluctant Bride” by Alison Louise Colwell (Daily Science Fiction, July 2021).

Three Truths and Three Lies About Jack” by Andrea Eberly (Daily Science Fiction, July 2021).

Wax Agatha” by KT Wagner (Starward Shadows Quarterly, September 2021).

Lost Portals” by Mark S. Bailen (Fantasy Magazine, September 2021).

Mermaids of Alabama: An Environmental Assessment” by Ellie Campbell (Mermaids Monthly Issue 9, September 2021). 

Urashima Taro” by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen (AntipodeanSF, October 2021).

Winter’s Flower” by KT Wagner (The Overcast, December 2021).

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