Registration Open for Sibling Stories: A Self-Guided Course

Sibling Stories is a comprehensive asynchronous, three-week, self-guided course featuring traditional three tales about brothers and sisters: Diamonds & ToadsHansel & Gretel, and Brother & Sister. The course opens on January 1, 2021.

Registration includes all of the materials you would encounter in one of our fully interactive workshops—with readings (including variants of each tale type), discussion questions, and writing prompts. Instructor critiques are an optional add-on ($50 each). Sibling Stories is an ideal selection if you would rather avoid the intensity of our fully interactive workshops, or need to work at your own pace.

Register at Teachable HERE.

What you get:

  • An introductory lesson exploring the history of the fairy tale, and various approaches to creating new works that draw on this rich and strange tradition.
  • Three lessons that combine a fairy tale that focuses on sibling relationships paired with a scientific or cultural concept. Each lesson includes:
    • examples of traditional and contemporary versions of the tale;
    • a selection of thrilling secondary readings on the tales (that is, reviews, critical essays, and more);
    • an exploration of the paired scientific or cultural concept;
    • discussion questions to deepen your engagement with the story, and;
    • writing prompts to help you generate your own sibling stories.

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