Publication News: ‘The Cords of Life’ by Faith Dincolo

I took Intersections: Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Myth workshop in the fall of 2018 and one of the modules was on automatons and bird songs (‘The Nightingale’ by Hans Christian Andersen). The original title for my story ‘The Cords of Life’ was ‘The Whistling Bluebird Teapot’. My inspiration for the story was based on how automatons function and I wondered what would happen if automatic beings like robots, malfunctioned and couldn’t be stopped? I found the information provided in the workshop files fascinating, and it inspired me to think further about creation of life for both living creatures and robots.  

The process from first draft to published draft took me some time. The original story started as a flash fiction minimalist piece and I continued to workshop it and let it develop through the rewriting process. I’m thrilled to say it was accepted into Not Just Another Pretty Face, edited by Selene Macleod and is available on Amazon.

AUTHOR BIO: Faith Dincolo, MFA from the American Film Institute. She has produced and written over 800 TV magazine episodes of Local Matters on CNN’s HLN in Southern California. Her screenplays have won awards, been optioned and she has produced, directed and written numerous short films. She is the author of two books and has published in numerous anthologies. Her focus is on science fiction, horror, comedy and history. She is an active member of multiple writing organizations. She lives in Southern California and is an outdoor enthusiast, hiking, swimming and camping with family and friends.


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