One Seat Left in Intersections–Workshop Starts Tuesday (2/25)

aliceHello everyone. I have one open seat left in the Tuesday workshop (Intersections: Fairy Tales and Myth), which runs from 12-2:30 PST/1-3:30 MST/2-4:30 CST/3-5:30 EST. This is a great group, and the curriculum is turning out splendidly. It might be one of my favorite set of module to date. Come join us!

Week 1 (2/25): Introductions, Into the Dark Wood (prompts), Module 1 discussion.
Week 2 (3/3): “Little Match Girl” & Forest Fires, Module 2 discussion.
Week 3 (3/10): “The Riddle” & Poison, Module 3 discussion.
Week 4 (3/17): “Three Little Pigs” & Bacterial Weaponry, Module 4 discussion.
Week 5 (3/24): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Magic Mushrooms and Depression, Module 5 discussion.
Week 6 (3/31): “The Emperor’s New Clothes” & Fake News, Module 6 discussion.
Week 7 (4/7): “Koskei the Deathless” & Rejuvenation Research.
Week 8 (4/14): NO WORKSHOP
Week 9 (4/21): Portfolio Presentations
Week 10 (4/28): Portfolio Presentations



  1. Lu S


    Do you have other options for your courses? I can’t participate via zoom or Facebook, but would love to audit some of your offerings, watching lectures, reading modules, etc. In addition to avoiding social media, I’m just not much of a group activity person, but I’m always up to checking out lectures, etc. Every time I see one of your offerings, it’s disappointing to learn they seem to solely be live interactive courses. I enroll in about two dozen online courses annually, but I’m a fan of self-directed workshops. Think Sharon Blackie’s offerings, or Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic, or coursera, but skipping the discussion portions.

    Do you have any such opportunities for folks like me? I’m sure I can’t be the only one who would be interested in such an offering.

    Sincerely, Lu Saba

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    1. cmariebissett

      Hi Lu. I have been thinking of expanding by offering self-directed workshops. I did it once, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I’d love to chat with you about self-guided options. It would be helpful to know what type of structure might work best for this type of course. I’m definitely interested in expanding my offerings! Thank you for the suggestion. <3

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