Fairy Tale Friday – Puss In Boots

puss in boots 2We often see retellings of popular fairy tales, from Snow White to Sleeping Beauty.  But what about the others — the lesser known tales?  We’ve seen a few movies and books tackle them, often casting them as side characters such as Pinocchio and Rumpelstiltskin.  Today, however, we will be taking a look at a more obscure tale, one that many Shrek fans would be vaguely familiar with.  His name?  Puss In Boots.

Puss In Boots, or “The Booted Cat,” is about a millers youngest son who inherits a talking cat.  The cat, through trickery, gains power and wealth for his master throughout the story until they are both ultimately set.  You see — long story short — after the cat asks for boots and receives them, he sets out and catches a rabbit, presenting it to the king as a gift from his master.  After several months of doing this, the cat learns that this king is going out for a drive with his daughter.  The cat persuades his master to then enter the river, getting him to remove his clothes which are discarded by the cat.  The king stops to investigate, only to have the cat tell  him that his master is a Marquis who has been robbed.  The king takes him in and his daughter falls in love with him immediately.puss in boots

If this wasn’t enough trickery for you, the cat goes ahead and begins telling the people along the road to announce to the king that the land belongs to said Marquis — the penniless, youngest son of a miller.  He then continues on to a castle where a shapeshifting ogre lives, though the cat ends up devouring him after the ogre transforms into a mouse.  So when the king arrives, they tell him that the estate belongs to the Marquis which impresses the king, convincing him to give his daughter to the miller’s youngest son in marriage, and the cat lives happily ever after.

I know, this one’s a bit odd.  But this is also a very brief summary of the Italian tale that has captured our imaginations for centuries.  For the full story, feel free to head over to SurLaLune Fairytales and give it a read — let us know what you think of this lesser known tale down below.

As an added bonus, bust out your pens and dust off your keyboards, for we have some exciting news for you.  TimelessTales Magazine is having an open submission call right now through March 4th for Puss In Boots poetry!  So be sure to submit yours before the deadline!

TimelessTales Magazine

Currently looking for Puss In Boots poetry.  “For poems, you may technically send us multiple pieces up to 1,500 words total, but please be considerate of our editor and only send your best and most polished work.” Currently they are open to all forms or retellings though they will note accept eroticism.

Word Count: Up to 1,500 Words
Deadline: March 4th, 2019
Payment: $20


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