Mid-September Submission Roundup

Themed Calls

Off the Beaten Path Press

submission 4

This press is looking for stories for their newest anthology publication: Heroes of the Apocalypse.  They are looking for stories regarding the end of the world.  From the editors: “Whether it be natural disaster, zombies, pandemic, alien invasion, space asteroids, killer AI, supernatural demons or ghosts, giant monsters, nuclear war, or however you envision the end of everything coming for civilization. The only thing that these stories need to share are the heroes who fight against all odds to prevent the end (either in success or failure). This is what the stories need to be all about. The human response to the end. So even if you have a 1000 foot Lovercraftian demon stomping on major cities, we need to see the courage on the ground before the boot goes to ant.”

Word Count: 5,000-15,000
Deadline: October 31, 2018
Payment: Royalties paid for sales and a copy of the print version of the anthology.


Markets of Interest

Artemis Rising

submission 1

This speculative fiction magazine is seeking submissions from writers who identify as female.  From the editors: “Non-binary authors who identify at any time/to any degree as women are welcome to submit.  We strongly encourage submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented or excluded from traditional speculative fiction, including, but not limited to, people of color, LGBTQ authors, persons with disabilities, members of religious minorities, and people from outside the United States.”

Word Count: 1,500-6,000
Deadline: September 30, 2018
Payment: $0.06 cents a word


Twelfth Planet Press

submission 3

This speculative fiction is looking for novellas from both marginalized writers and those who are not.  From the editors: “We are looking to build a kickass series of novellas that defines and redefines the Twelfth Planet Press brand. We want gritty pieces that challenge the system and punch the patriarchy in the face. We want stories that resist and rebel… and maybe also books that comfort & inspire. For when things are bad out there in the world. We are looking for books that feed the angry soul.”

Word Count: 17,000-40,000 words
Deadline: November 30, 2018
Payment: Advance of $300 + royalties of 40% of all monies received by the publisher, paid twice yearly.



The Icarus Contest

submission 2

Mythraeum is holding a contest for Icarus stories – you can find the myth through the link.  From the editors: “Your story can be about any aspect of this myth. You can focus on Icarus or Daedalus or another figure. Your story can be set in Ancient Greece, a modern office building (very Labyrinth-like!), or on a spaceship. You can make it a Western or a steampunk.”

Word Count: up to 5,000 words
Deadline: October 31, 2018
Entry Fee: None
Prize(s): The winning story wins $300.


submission 6

Also, for a list of Feminist Literary Magazines, do be sure to check out Trish Hopkinson’s catalogue.

Not only has she put together a list of magazines, but also their links and payment.

Some things to know about these markets:

  • They generally do not charge fees to submit (although some may charge fees for some types of submissions and for contests).
  • They accept poetry submissions.
  • All accept electronic submissions.

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